Cebu Van Rental – Out Of Town Rates

What Makes Cebu Unique?

Cebu is an enigma. From its ports to its magnificient islands, you will see a lot of contrasting characteristics. For starters, Cebu is one the Philippine's most modern and progressive provinces while at the same time staying on top of the rankings of the world's best island for tourism as per Conde Nast Traveler.

Where else will you find Whaleshark watching, Pristine Beaches, Island Hopping, Canyoonering, Falls hopping, heritage and cultural tours, Grand Festivals, Religious pilgrimage, Food trip, 5 Star Hotels, and Prime Business destinations all in one island?

You will never run out of activities here in Cebu no matter what you preference is, Cebu Island has something excellent to offer.

When you're in Cebu, we will take care of you. No matter where you want to go, we can take you there and we will let you experience a world class service at the most affordable rates.

To put it simply, Cebu has it all!

Check out our out of town rates below. For city tours check our Van for Hire - City Tour Rates

(Max of 7 passengers)
Hi Ace
(max of 14 passengers)
LocationRoundtrip AllowanceDrop OffRoundtripDrop OffRoundtrip
Alcantara9 HrsPhp2,500Php4,000Php3,000Php5,000
Alcoy10 HrsPhp2,500Php4,000Php3,000Php5,000
Alegre Beach8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,000Php3,000Php4,000
Alegria13 HrsPhp3,500Php5,000Php4,500Php6,500
Aloguinsan8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,500Php3,000Php4,000
Argao8 HrsPhp2,700Php3,500Php3,200Php4,000
Asturias9 HrsPhp2,500Php4,000Php3,000Php5,000
Badian12 HrsPhp3,500Php4,500Php4,000Php5,500
Balamban via Toledo8 HrsPhp2,500Php4,000Php3,000Php5,000
Barili8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,000Php3,000Php4,000
Bato via Argao15 HrsPhp4,000Php5,500Php5,000Php7,000
Bato via Barili16 HrsPhp4,000Php5,500Php5,000Php7,000
Bogo10 HrsPhp3,000Php4,500Php3,500Php5,500
Boljoon11 HrsPhp3,000Php4,500Php3,500Php5,500
Borbon8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,800Php3,000Php4,800
Carcar7 HrsPhp2,000Php2,500Php2,500Php3,000
Carmen6 HrsPhp1,700Php2,500Php2,200Php3,200
Catmon8 HrsPhp2,000Php2,700Php2,500Php3,500
Compostella6 HrsPhp1,500Php2,200Php2,000Php3,000
Consolacion5 HrsPhp1,200Php1,700Php1,500Php2,200
DaanBantayan12 HrsPhp3,000Php4,500Php3,500Php5,500
Dalaguete10 HrsPhp2,500Php3,500Php3,000Php4,500
Dalaguete - Osmeña Peak10 HrsPhp3,000Php4,000Php3,500Php5,000
Danao5 HrsPhp1,500Php2,000Php2,000Php2,800
Danao - Danasan8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,500Php3,500Php5,000
Dumanjug8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,500Php3,000Php4,500
Ginatilan14 HrsPhp3,800Php5,300Php4,800Php6,800
Hagnaya12 HrsPhp3,300Php4,500Php3,800Php5,500
Liloan -North5 HrsPhp1,300Php2,000Php1,700Php2,500
Lutopan7 HrsPhp2,000Php2,500Php2,500Php3,500
Malabuyok13 HrsPhp4,000Php5,500Php4,500Php6,500
Maya Port14 HrsPhp3,500Php4,800Php4,300Php6,000
Medelin12 HrsPhp3,300Php4,800Php4,000Php6,000
Minglanilla5 HrsPhp1,300Php1,800Php1,700Php2,800
Moalboal12 HrsPhp2,500Php4,000Php3,500Php5,000
Naga6 HrsPhp1,500Php2,000Php1,800Php3,000
Oslob12 HrsPhp3,500Php4,500Php4,000Php5,500
Pinamungahan8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,000Php3,000Php4,000
Pinamungahan - Hidden Valley8 HrsPhp3,000Php3,500Php3,500Php4,500
Ronda8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,800Php3,000Php4,800
Samboan14 HrsPhp4,000Php5,500Php5,000Php6,500
San Fernando6 HrsPhp1,500Php2,000Php2,000Php3,000
San Remegio11 HrsPhp3,300Php4,800Php4,000Php6,000
Santander14 HrsPhp3,700Php5,000Php4,500Php6,500
Simala8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,000Php3,000Php3,500
Sogod8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,000Php2,800Php3,800
Tabogon9 HrsPhp3,000Php4,500Php3,500Php5,500
Tabuelan9 HrsPhp2,500Php4,000Php3,000Php5,000
Talisay4 HrsPhp1,200Php1,500Php1,500Php2,500
Toledo8 HrsPhp2,500Php3,000Php2,800Php3,800
Tuburan10 HrsPhp3,000Php4,500Php3,500Php5,500


    Notice/advise should be made a week before the scheduled tour/trip
    Cancellation made on the day of the service will be charged Php 500.00 – Php 1,000 depending on the service availed
    The customer will shoulder finance and refund charges.
    ROUNDTRIP – Billing time starts at the time of Pick-up or 30 minutes after the scheduled time of rental to the Time of drop off or release.
    DROP OFF / PICK-UP – Direct transfer to the destination agreed with NO SIDE TRIP or WAITING TIME, as such the Customer is advised to inform CK and J Tours ahead if they wished to do so.
  4. PARKING FEES and TOLL FEES are on Guest’s account for VEHICLE RENTAL