Affordable Car Rental in Cebu by CK and J Tours

Why Choose Us

Since 2014, we have been providing fantastic service and affordable rates to many of Cebu's Top Tourist destinations.

CK and J understands that everyone wants to enjoy travelling with the least expense, this is the reason why our services offer Reliability with affordability. It is designed for you to experience home away from home at the most affordable rates. We promise you a trustworthy travel that will last a lifetime of memories.

The vehicles we use are in perfect condition and are of the latest models. Our fleet consists of different vehicle types that you can tailor to your needs. We have Toyota Hi Ace, Toyota Grandia, Toyota Innova, and Nissan NV350 models ranging from 2014 to 2017 models that you can choose from.

CK and J Tours caters to both group and individual clients. We offer complete Cebu ground arrangements at very competitive prices. We offer a variety of services like Airport/Pier and Hotel Transfers, pick up and drop off to anywhere in the Cebu Province, City Tour, Wedding transport, Out of Town day trips and overnights. We even cater to transportation needs for Dumaguete, Bohol, and other Islands of Region 7. So if you are looking for a van for hire in Cebu check out our rates and packages below.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even on holidays.

3 Reasons why we are the Best in Cebu Car Rental services

We will tell you why

Many are claiming that they are the best car rental in Cebu, but how do you exactly judge who is the best? Who to believe? And ultimately, who to trust?

For us in CK and J Van Rentals, we have 3 metrics that matter. These metrics are the guide and the foundation of our business. Since the inception of our business, our policies and decisions have revolved around these 3 metrics. We do not and will not compromise anything over the 3 metrics below.

  1. Excellent Customer Service
  2. Perfect Vehicle Condition
  3. Very Affordable rates

Excellent Customer Service

Our employees; Drivers, Coordinators, and the Management recognizes the basic tenet that ourCustomers are always right“. Our customers, YOU, are the reason why we have existed, why we are existing, and why we will continue to exist. In our minds, this is the main reason why our customers are never wrong. Our Professional Drivers have extensive experience and knowledge of the tourist spots and places here in the Cebu Province. They are very courteous and trustworthy, they have received numerous commendations and citations from their previous customers. We pride ourselves in knowing that we have the best drivers in the travel business. Our Friendly Coordinators are very accommodating and understanding to your travel needs. They know the importance of your time, effort, and resources so their priority is to ensure that you get what you need, when you need it. The Responsible Management, the roots of the Management team is coming from a Customer Service Oriented business so we understand the importance of making sure that our customers are satisfied at the end of the day and that they get more than their money’s worth.

Perfect Vehicle Condition

Our vehicles are New and Well maintained. Most of the vehicles in our fleet are of 2017 and 2016 models. We have closely followed the maintenance schedules of the different makers of our vehicles to ensure that you experience a smooth and flawless ride. Our fleet of vehicles will allow us to give you the perfect vehicle that will meet your needs. We have Toyota and Nissan Sedans, Toyota Hi Ace van, Innova, GL Grandia, and NV350 vehicles that you can choose from. Our vehicles can take you anywhere you want to go in the Cebu Province. We can even allow our vehicles to be shipped via RORO or be ferried to nearby islands. Our vehicles are proven and tested when it comes to long distance and long duration rentals.

Very Affordable Rates

When we came up with our rates, we did not think of how high we would want our profit margin to be. Instead, the very first we did was to check the rates of our competitors and how far we can drop our rates. We know that it was a risky business strategy that may lead us to lose financially. We have been operating for almost 4 years now and we have even expanded our business. That led us to the conclusion that we can still provide Quality and Excellent service while offering the Most Affordable Rates in the market today. The Management team are continuously watching our competitor’s prices and has continued to maintain and keep our rates lower than our nearest competition.

Do not just take the author’s word for it. Feel Free to check our FB Page, where you can see all the customer reviews and testimonials that would prove that we are excelling on the 3 metrics that matters.